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12 Benefits of Working on WordPress CMS Development

12 Benefits of Working on WordPress CMS Development

Which CMS is best for Developers

While creating a CMS (Content Management System) one can not ignore WordPress. It started with a blogging platform but now a days it serves variety of sites including E-commerce, News portals, corporate sites and even some banks website. If you know PHP, MySQL apart from HTML and CSS, and you do development on some other platform, I think you must give a serious thought on WordPress related development.

Well, I am not a developer but I manage web development related projects and that’s why I understand the opportunities that WordPress has created for so many people. Here are few benefits I see of doing development on WordPress CMS (it includes plugin development, theme development and even custom work).

#1 – Broad Reach – WordPress serves more than 65% of websites based on CMS platforms. At second position is Joomla with approximately 16% of market share. Another fact is that 22% registered domains are having WordPress installed. If so many people are using WordPress CMS, then there must be so much opportunity for custom work and even generalised product requirements.

#2 – Open Source – WordPress is open source released under GPL license and so are the plugins and themes. A developer can easily see and understand the code written by other developers which may help in understanding the usage of WordPress functions. It is an open book which anybody can read and try to understand. No need to be dependent on just the books and documentation released by the CMS company.

#3 – Best Documentation (Codex) – If you want to learn the coding and development work on WordPress CMS, just go through the official documentation and tutorials published under Codex. Very detailed and helpful.

#4 – Freelancing Platforms – Almost all freelancing platforms such as Freelancer, Evento Studio etc. are having so much work listed under WordPress. You may find projects easily based on WordPress.

#5 – Free and Pro Plugins – You may develop and release a free version of WordPress plugin under WordPress official repository and also release a premium version of the plugin with more features. As WordPress is having so many users, you may start getting customers quickly depending on the type and quality of your free plugin. Fast monetisation by selling premium products.

#6 – Community Support – The kind of help and support you get from WordPress community is just awesome. Just spend some time on forums and experience the help and guidance you get from plugin authors and even normal WordPress users. Just Amazing!

#7 – Adopt Old Code – You may find some plugins or theme which are out dated or depreciated. As WordPress is open source, you may adopt the code (of course by asking the original developer) and fix the issues. You can even monetise that code too.

#8 – WordCamp – Again and amazing place to make new friends. WordPress community meet up is named as WordCamp where you may participate in workshops and attend seminars or just talk. It helps in making new friends and even like minded people with whom you can start something in partnership or discuss about your ideas. It helps in overall development.

#9 – Start a Blog – If there are so many people using WordPress that means so many people must be searching for help related to that. If you know the backend of WordPress, you may blog about it and even monetise the same. Who know, you may create the next WPBeginner (Just kidding Balkhi).

#10 – Promising Future – WordPress is growing with more than 30% year-by-year and I think the saga will continue for the next 4 – 5 years. It is having a good future because of its user friendliness and power of plugins and themes. Developers are the backbone of WordPress success and it will continue the same way. So if you invest few months on learning WordPress development, I can guarantee that those months will be more than worth.

Apart from the above benefits, here are couple of more to make your day more interesting,

#11 – Millions of Dollars – If you know design work or know someone who does, you may invest your time in creating awesome WordPress themes. Many people earned millions of dollars by just developing WordPress Themes. Authors of some famous themes like Avada, Enfold, Thesis are some examples and there are many more like the same.

#12 – Zero Investment – You don’t need to buy anything to start using WordPress. You can scan and learn things on web or by downloading the free copies of themes and plugin. Even premium themes of WordPress are under GPL so you may also read and learn. Install WampServer or other platforms to install and test WordPress on your local machine. No need to pay for the server charges as well while you are learning how to develop for WordPress CMS.

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