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5 Reasons Why Development and Publishing Should Go Hand in Hand

5 Reasons Why Development and Publishing Should Go Hand in Hand

Development and publishing both are essential

Most of the developers ignore writing content related to their development work. Sometimes they even ignore writing guides, documentation or tutorials as well. But what I have learnt in my journey with WebFanzine media these two should go hand in hand. Development or coding is just 20 – 30 % of a project and there are so many other things required to do to make a great product. Once the development is done and you have the product with you, it is the right time to write about the usage and tutorials highlighting the functionalities of the same.

Content marketing is helpful as it helps in getting more traffic from search engine which turns into more sell. If you keep writing about features, hidden gems and even how to’s, you will see jump in web traffic because of those articles. Here are 5 reasons to make you believe that publishing should go along with development.

#1 – SEO and Organic Traffic – Content is the king. This is a famous quote about articles and content available on web and it 100% true. If you have written good content, you will get more traffic. Apart from the development of a product, you need to write good tutorials to attract more traffic from search engines. And the conversion ratio is very high from organic traffic.

#2 – Help for Users – Well, even if you have developed a good product, what makes it awesome is its documentation. People should understand how to use the product then only it serves its purpose. Without a good publisher, you can not write good documentation.

#3 – Content Marketing – Again to spread the words about your product, you need to create viral content around the same. It helps in getting traffic from different sources such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

#4 – Boost Sale – Traffic from all the sources because of the publishing and text content around the product will finally boost sale.

#5 – Get More Work – Because of the organic traffic, you may get new project or someone may hire you for their work. If you write how to kind of articles, you should be ready to get offers to work with someone as people may contact you for their customer work or even some big projects.

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