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15 Wireframing Tools to design iOS, Android and Web Application Mockups

15 Wireframing Tools to design iOS, Android and Web Application Mockups

Wireframes are essential component of the design process for any product. If you are working on the designing of a new Android App, first you should think about designing the whole app in wireframe to visualize the application. This will reduce the complexity of the application as well as lower down the chances of last minute changes. Which mean saving in time and total cost of the development.

Here is the Wireframe of WordPress 2.7 (PDF File) as we know that WordPress admin panel changed a lot in that version and the WordPress team came up with this Wireframe before releasing the version 2.7.

There are lot many wireframing tools available on the web to create mockups. Some of them are available as desktop application and then there are web based wireframing tools as well.

Desktop Mockup Tools or Web Based

Whether you should choose desktop based wireframing tool or the web based tool to create mockups, that depends on your choice and requirements. On desktop based tools, you can work offline as you do not need to be connected with the wireframing website. As compared to the desktop based wireframing tools, web based ones are cheaper.

List of Wireframing tools to create Mockups

In this list, you will find paid as well as free wireframing tools. I have also mentioned whether the desktop version is available for the tools or only web based version is there. In case of paid tools, you can find the pricing details on the homepage of that tool.

1. Creately

Creately is available as a web based tool as well as a standalone desktop version. You can create Wireframes, Functional Templates, Interactive Sitemaps, Flowcharts, UI and Web Mockups, Organizational Chart, Mind maps, Venn Diagram, K2 Templates, Network Plans and many more other useful diagrams.

Online version of Creately is available for free as well as for premium. The free version will have single user login with limited diagrams and all of them as public. For unlimited diagrams and private projects, you need to buy package as per your need. The pricing starts from $5 per user per month. The desktop version of Creately is available for $75.


2. Balsamiq

My favorite is Balsamiq. It is a desktop version mockup tool to create awesome looking wireframes. Before starting your project, you can actually download the available templates like iOS, Android, WordPress, Web, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Social, Fun Stuff and many more.

Balsamiq is priced at $79 and can run on multiple operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux as it is Adobe Air based application.

Android Mockup


iPad Control Mockup on Balsamiq



3. Cacoo

Another mockup tool which is also available under free plan with limited options like only PNG format export and limited sheets and folders. The unlimited plans starts from $4.95 per month for single user license. It is not available in desktop version.


4. Origramy

This is another tool to create diagrams for various purposes including Wireframes for your web development projects. Full-featured component is available for free and the commercial license starts at $99.

5. Lumzy

Lumzy is 100% free web based wireframe tool. You just need to sign in with the registered user name and password and then you can start customizing the wireframe as per your need. You can change the skin from the dashboard and enjoy the drag and drop feature to place the required diagrams.



6. SimpleDiagrams

Simple Diagrams is a desktop based wireframing tool which is available for $25 for single license. It is also an Adobe AIR based application like Balsamiq and that’s why it can also work on Mac, Windows and Linux.

7. Pencil for Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox users can enjoy the free extension or add-on named “Pencil” to create Wireframes. Go ahead and install pencil on your browser and start making Wireframes for your project.


8. Mockingbird

It is a browser based wireframing tool which is available for free as well as for premium. The free plan will give you 1 project with 10 pages and 2 users and there will be no archived projects. Premium plans start from $9 per month.


Here are few more Wireframing tools which you can use for creating mockups for your development projects. Most of the applications are available as Google Chrome extensions as well but that is not much helpful as they just redirect to the official website. Almost all of them are having a free plan with limited options and the premium plans starts from around $5 per month.

9. Lucid Chart

10. Mockup Tiger

11. Pidoco


13. Mockflow



14. 123 Wireframes – Chrome Browser Extension

This is an extension for Google Chrome browser. You just need to install the extension and it utilizes the local storage of the browser to save the wireframes. You can also use the pro version which needs a web server to install and run. That will save the details in MySQL database.

15. Lovely Charts

Lovely Charts is available as Desktop edition, iPad edition as well as online edition. The desktop version is available for 59€, online version starts from 29€/Year and the iPad versions is priced at 3.99€.

Lovely Charts

I am sure you must have other names as well to create awesome wireframes. Share your favorite wireframing application or tool’s name and let us know the features and pricing details as well. We may add that in our next list of Wireframing tools.

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