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Launched to Find and Compare WordPress Themes from Multiple Authors

The launch of is just like another feather on the caps of WebFanzine team! It was indeed a moment of great pride and happiness for the team. Our main motto behind this product is to provide the platform for the users where they can compare WordPress Themes from different Authors easily under the single roof. After evaluating and studying various Free and Premium themes that are offered, our team clubbed those themes into different Categories so that the users can easily find the themes they are looking for. We know the efforts that users have to take in order to find the theme that is best suitable for them. But PurposeThemes is the one place where you can get all the themes without much effort and they are just one click away to get all the themes belonging to the particular categories.

Key features of PurposeThemes:

  • Search Themes:

It is the best place to search for the themes. Themes are clubbed together and accordingly placed under different categories. Also from the Search option user can search for free as well as the premium themes.

  • Comparing Themes:

When there are different themes available then it really becomes confusing to select the theme that is best suitable for you. PurposeThemes has provided with the feature of comparison where one can compare 4 themes at the same time and accordingly make the right choice.

  • Free and Premium Themes:

It will consist of Free as well as the Premium Themes. One can make the choice from them.

  • Price Alert:

The User can set an alert for the themes by entering the Target Price. When the price for that particular theme is dropped and reaches the price as set by the user then he will receive alert via email from PurposeThemes.

  • Wishlist for themes:

The user can create his wishlist and all the favourite themes get added under it. He can keep a check and also easily find all the themes at one place. User can also share the wishlist with others.

  • Community:

People can share their thoughts and suggestions easily through the PurposeThemes community. They can put forth their queries and others can easily answer and put forth their suggestions. Thus PurposeThemes allows sharing the ideas with the other people.

  • PT Score:

There is a PT Score that is available for each of themes. This will help the user to compare the themes and to make the better choice for it.

  • Ratings and Reviews:

There can be reviews and ratings that can be given for the particular themes by the user. People can share their own point of views and reviews that others can read and help them to make a good decision.

  • Sharing through Social Media:

Users can share their themes through Social Media (Facebook,Twitter and Google+) and also invite others for the same.

  • Video description:

There is a video description that is provided for most of the themes. This helps the users to understand the particular theme in a better way.

To have the better understanding of the themes that are offered there is a video description that is given for most of the theme. One can refer the theme that they are looking for and go for the video description for the same. This will be indeed very helpful for the developers to reach more and more themes and to have a study on them.

  • Contacting Developers: (Coming Soon)

PurposeThemes allows you to contact the developers of WordPress themes. This feature is expected to release by end of this month.

  • Categories:

There is a category wise distribution of the themes. It becomes easy for the users to make the choice for the theme that they are looking for. One need not search for a particular theme at different places. The user will easily find the themes that he requires under a particular category.

There are more features and themes that are to be added and the team is working on the same. On the future releases you will find more themes and categories that will be added for the same. We will keep you updated on that. This will really ease the task of the users and they will find all the themes and the comparison of the same under a single roof. According to different situations that the user requires there can be the themes that can be added for the same. There are different categories and the themes are distinguished based on these categories. User need not put much effort and invest time in order to search for the particular theme. One will be able to find with these changes and features under a single roof. This will indeed be very helpful for the users to search the themes that they require and they will be easily able to search it.

PurposeThemes Team

The team of WebFanzine really deserves a pat on their back for coming up with such an innovative product which will be indeed very useful for the users when they are searching for the themes. I would really like to Congratulate my team for this Product that will be a game changer in the history of Themes search! This will not only save their time but also help them to keep a track on other themes by comparing them with each other. You can also go through the features by visiting us at .

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