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Digital Vidya vs DSIM vs Staenz Academy - Digital Marketing Institutes Comparison

Digital Vidya vs DSIM vs Staenz Academy – Digital Marketing Institutes Comparison

Digital marketing

As we all are very well aware of the fact that how fast the digital world is growing and we are awestruck by it. We have been hearing this from aeons now that one must learn how to go with the trend and if digital is the trend then you ought to learn it. Learning digital marketing skills is exactly how you learn the whole baking process. It does look really difficult before kick-starting, but once you start off, it becomes easy and you just play around with different tricks to attract more and more people to your shop.

So if you have decided to go for a course in digital marketing, then you must now be having the dilemma of from where you should do it, what institutes or academies you should reach out. Having these kinds of questions is obvious and one must have such question ready in order to get the best answer and the result.

Now you will start by deciding whether you want to learn the course in your city itself or go to some bigger city or opt for an online digital marketing class, the choice is yours, of course. Digital marketing is considered as one of the most lucrative careers of all times and there is a plethora of students and working professionals who are willing to learn digital marketing because they are sure of ending up with a high paying job.

So in that case, you have researched a lot about various courses, spoke to your professors, family friends and other people. And finally, you have the three best options in your hand which is opting for a digital marketing course either from Digital Vaidya or DISM or Staenz Academy.

So here in order to make your confusion clear, I will be talking about some important parameters that you need to consider while choosing one of the institutes from the lot.

Comparison of Top Digital Marketing Training Institutes in India

You have to take into consideration the fact that the course curriculum and the modules are going to be more of the same standard in all the institutes as it comes as a package. You hardly find any difference in the modules so you do not have to worry about it at all.

The reputation of the Institute

It is really important to consider the reputation of the institute that you are aiming to study in. And there is no doubt about the fact that Digital Vaidya and DISM are one of the most reputed digital marketing institutes in the country.

When it comes to a digital marketing institute like Staenz Academy, it is based in a small city named Nashik, Maharashtra. You need to understand the fact that it does not matter which city you are learning digital marketing. All that matters is what knowledge you are able to gain and how perfectly you are applying that knowledge. In the case of Staenz Academy, it is currently the number one digital marketing institutes in Nashik and is fastest growing all over the country with its presence because of the practical sessions and environment.

At Digital Vaidya, the duration of the course is 6 months, at DISM it is 3 months and at Staenz it is 3 months. So it is up to you which one you want to take up because it does not matter of how much duration the course is of, all matters how much you learned there.

Quality of the training and mentor

People keep saying this thing that if you are having a good mentor, you are sorted for life. Similarly, when you are taking up a course in digital marketing, you need a good quality training and top of that a good mentor. Considered the case of DISM and Digital Vaidya, then you will find more of theoretical stuff going on in the classroom. But when it comes to Staenz Academy, the only focus given on is of practical training.

It is really important to do things rather than just learning. The mentor at Staenz Academy, Sanjeev Mishra has more than 9 years of experience in the field of digital marketing and he is an online coach as well. So in his class whatever he teaches has a practical approach towards it.

Practical approach

For example, if you are learning about Facebook ads in a module and if you are not applying it then and there, there is no point in learning just the theory part of it. But at Staenz academy, you get to run a Facebook ad the moment you learn it, so if you are having even a slightest of the doubt it can get cleared immediately. There is no doubt at all that the trainers at all the three institutes are highly experienced and knowledgeable and responsive to all the student queries whenever required. But there is a different level of understanding between the students and the mentors at Staenz Academy.


At DISM the classes are both online and in-class. Therefore, the candidates get to choose the mode of study as per their need. At Digital Vaidya, the classes are conducted only through webinars. The students are notified about the class through regular emails.

At Staenz Academy, there are two programs, classroom program and an online program. So the local students mostly prefer to go for the classroom program. And those who are based out of Nashik or out of Maharashtra or even out of the country can opt for the online training program.

The speciality of Staenz Academy classroom and the online program is that the classes are not at all stuffed with the students. The mentor prefers to teach only 12 to 15 students per batch due to which equal attention is given to every student.

Placement Assistance

The placement cell of Digital Vaidya keeps on sending information regarding any job opportunity from time to time. But many of the students from DISM have shared that the institute just keeps on promising things about placement assistance but actually do not help out in any of it.

There is a different story of Staenz Academy then. When it comes to placing the students after completing the course, then 90% of the students refuse to do the job because they have already started their own venture successfully while doing the course.

For the remaining 10% of the students, the academy already has a tie with companies like TCS, Zomato, Accenture, GE where it helps the students get placed.

Separate job portal

The academy has a separate portal for the students where it uploads the resume and all the other job-related information of the students and then sends that information to the recruiters. The recruiters then get in touch with the students and the interview gets scheduled.

So the students have to go through the whole procedure if he or she is willing to do a job and the academy helps out the students in every way.

Fee Structure

You are definitely going to look for the fees while deciding on a course. Also, You will not join a course simply because it has very low fees. You will consider all the scenarios and then take the decision. When it comes to DSIM, then the fees is really high that a common man cannot even think of affording it. As compared to DSIM, Digital Vidya has a bit lower range, but still not very affordable.

At Staenz Academy, the fees is worth the course. It is not very high and not very less and easily affordable by anyone. The installment facility is also available for those who are not able to pay the complete amount.


So if you are thinking to take up a course in digital marketing, then you can surely think of Staenz Academy rather than going for the big names. Because ultimately you are going to learn the same thing everywhere. It is just that the mentor and the style of teaching will be different. And you will not find such a unique teaching technique that you can see at Staenz Academy.

Even in the online class, the mentor Sanjeev Mishra sends a link to all the students of the online classroom to come online through Skype and Zoom and the online class then looks exactly like a real classroom as the students are able to interact with the mentor and have one to one discussions. Also with the help of screen sharing options, the mentor shows the practical demo of everything.

So if you are looking to do Masters in Digital Marketing, Staenz Academy is the answer to it!

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