Launched to Find and Compare WordPress Themes from Multiple Authors

The launch of is just like another feather on the caps of WebFanzine team! It was indeed a moment of great pride and happiness for the team. Our main motto behind this product is to provide the platform for the users where they can compare WordPress Themes from different Authors easily under the single roof. After evaluating and studying various Free and Premium themes that are offered, our team clubbed those themes into different Categories so that the users can easily find the themes they are looking for. We know the efforts that users have to take in order to find the theme that is best suitable for them. But PurposeThemes is the one place where you can get all the themes without much effort and they are just one click away to get all the themes belonging to the particular categories.

Key features of PurposeThemes:

  • Search Themes:

It is the best place to search for the themes. Themes are clubbed together and accordingly placed under different categories. Also from the Search option user can search for free as well as the premium themes.

  • Comparing Themes:

When there are different themes available then it really becomes confusing to select the theme that is best suitable for you. PurposeThemes has provided with the feature of comparison where one can compare 4 themes at the same time and accordingly make the right choice.

  • Free and Premium Themes:

It will consist of Free as well as the Premium Themes. One can make the choice from them.

  • Price Alert:

The User can set an alert for the themes by entering the Target Price. When the price for that particular theme is dropped and reaches the price as set by the user then he will receive alert via email from PurposeThemes.

  • Wishlist for themes:

The user can create his wishlist and all the favourite themes get added under it. He can keep a check and also easily find all the themes at one place. User can also share the wishlist with others.

  • Community:

People can share their thoughts and suggestions easily through the PurposeThemes community. They can put forth their queries and others can easily answer and put forth their suggestions. Thus PurposeThemes allows sharing the ideas with the other people.

  • PT Score:

There is a PT Score that is available for each of themes. This will help the user to compare the themes and to make the better choice for it.

  • Ratings and Reviews:

There can be reviews and ratings that can be given for the particular themes by the user. People can share their own point of views and reviews that others can read and help them to make a good decision.

  • Sharing through Social Media:

Users can share their themes through Social Media (Facebook,Twitter and Google+) and also invite others for the same.

  • Video description:

There is a video description that is provided for most of the themes. This helps the users to understand the particular theme in a better way.

To have the better understanding of the themes that are offered there is a video description that is given for most of the theme. One can refer the theme that they are looking for and go for the video description for the same. This will be indeed very helpful for the developers to reach more and more themes and to have a study on them.

  • Contacting Developers: (Coming Soon)

PurposeThemes allows you to contact the developers of WordPress themes. This feature is expected to release by end of this month.

  • Categories:

There is a category wise distribution of the themes. It becomes easy for the users to make the choice for the theme that they are looking for. One need not search for a particular theme at different places. The user will easily find the themes that he requires under a particular category.

There are more features and themes that are to be added and the team is working on the same. On the future releases you will find more themes and categories that will be added for the same. We will keep you updated on that. This will really ease the task of the users and they will find all the themes and the comparison of the same under a single roof. According to different situations that the user requires there can be the themes that can be added for the same. There are different categories and the themes are distinguished based on these categories. User need not put much effort and invest time in order to search for the particular theme. One will be able to find with these changes and features under a single roof. This will indeed be very helpful for the users to search the themes that they require and they will be easily able to search it.

PurposeThemes Team

The team of WebFanzine really deserves a pat on their back for coming up with such an innovative product which will be indeed very useful for the users when they are searching for the themes. I would really like to Congratulate my team for this Product that will be a game changer in the history of Themes search! This will not only save their time but also help them to keep a track on other themes by comparing them with each other. You can also go through the features by visiting us at .

Job for Copywriters in Nashik

Immediate Requirement for WordPress Blogger and Copywriter at WebFanzine Media, Nashik

We are looking for a capable copywriter or blogger to write on topics related to WordPress and web development.

As you’ll be writing in detail about WordPress, you’ll need a good working knowledge of, rather than just a basic idea of how to use it. The type of content we expect you to cover includes articles on WordPress themes, plugins, strategies, and general tutorials.

For a better idea on what we are looking for, take a look at the content of following sites,

  • WPMU Dev
  • WP Beginner
  • Elegant Themes

In terms of article length there is not set limit, though we generally prefer the work to be at least 500 words or more, as quality is more important to us than quantity.

Because of the somewhat technical nature of the topic, we can only accept applications with relevant samples. Any WordPress samples would be ideal, especially if it’s published on an external website. We will also consider applications with samples on closely related topics, such as Internet marketing, eCommerce, web design, etc.

In order to provide consistently great content, we require applicants who are able to produce creative article ideas around WordPress – this is where a good knowledge of will really come in handy!

To support your application and give us an understanding of your experties, please include 3-4 post ideas, including brief summaries. This will be an important part of the workflow, as the better your proposals, the quicker we can assign work to you.

How To Apply

If you’d like to become part of the team, please submit your application on our Job Portal. Apply Now

WordPress developer job in Nashik

Immediate Opening for WordPress Developer at WebFanzine Media, Nashik

WebFanzine Media Pvt. Ltd. is looking for experienced WordPress developers who are comfortable with plugin and theme development for WordPress. Here are few details related to the opening,

Job Description

As a WordPress developer, you should have a good understanding of WordPress code, architecture, and most importantly – its community & entire ecosystem.

Required Concepts

  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Taxonomy
  • Custom Fields / Meta Box
  • User Roles & Levels
  • MultiSite
  • Template files & their hierarchy
  • Child Theme
  • Queries & Loops
  • Theme Customizer
  • Actions / Filters / Hooks
  • Shortcode

Required Skills

We are looking for Experienced WordPress Developers to join our team; ability and commitment is more important than current skill set. Candidates with minimum 1 year of WordPress development experience will be considered only.

  • HTML / CSS / jQuery / JavaScript
  • Moderate knowledge of PHP
  • Understanding of Responsive Web Design
  • Should have used at least 20 WordPress plugins and 20 themes
  • Customized ready made theme / plugin
  • Created custom WordPress themes based on PSD designs / plugins to achieve specific project goals

Apply Now

Development and publishing both are essential

5 Reasons Why Development and Publishing Should Go Hand in Hand

Most of the developers ignore writing content related to their development work. Sometimes they even ignore writing guides, documentation or tutorials as well. But what I have learnt in my journey with WebFanzine media these two should go hand in hand. Development or coding is just 20 – 30 % of a project and there are so many other things required to do to make a great product. Once the development is done and you have the product with you, it is the right time to write about the usage and tutorials highlighting the functionalities of the same.

Content marketing is helpful as it helps in getting more traffic from search engine which turns into more sell. If you keep writing about features, hidden gems and even how to’s, you will see jump in web traffic because of those articles. Here are 5 reasons to make you believe that publishing should go along with development.

#1 – SEO and Organic Traffic – Content is the king. This is a famous quote about articles and content available on web and it 100% true. If you have written good content, you will get more traffic. Apart from the development of a product, you need to write good tutorials to attract more traffic from search engines. And the conversion ratio is very high from organic traffic.

#2 – Help for Users – Well, even if you have developed a good product, what makes it awesome is its documentation. People should understand how to use the product then only it serves its purpose. Without a good publisher, you can not write good documentation.

#3 – Content Marketing – Again to spread the words about your product, you need to create viral content around the same. It helps in getting traffic from different sources such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

#4 – Boost Sale – Traffic from all the sources because of the publishing and text content around the product will finally boost sale.

#5 – Get More Work – Because of the organic traffic, you may get new project or someone may hire you for their work. If you write how to kind of articles, you should be ready to get offers to work with someone as people may contact you for their customer work or even some big projects.

#NotJustDeveloper #ContentIsKing

Which CMS is best for Developers

12 Benefits of Working on WordPress CMS Development

While creating a CMS (Content Management System) one can not ignore WordPress. It started with a blogging platform but now a days it serves variety of sites including E-commerce, News portals, corporate sites and even some banks website. If you know PHP, MySQL apart from HTML and CSS, and you do development on some other platform, I think you must give a serious thought on WordPress related development.

Well, I am not a developer but I manage web development related projects and that’s why I understand the opportunities that WordPress has created for so many people. Here are few benefits I see of doing development on WordPress CMS (it includes plugin development, theme development and even custom work).

#1 – Broad Reach – WordPress serves more than 65% of websites based on CMS platforms. At second position is Joomla with approximately 16% of market share. Another fact is that 22% registered domains are having WordPress installed. If so many people are using WordPress CMS, then there must be so much opportunity for custom work and even generalised product requirements.

#2 – Open Source – WordPress is open source released under GPL license and so are the plugins and themes. A developer can easily see and understand the code written by other developers which may help in understanding the usage of WordPress functions. It is an open book which anybody can read and try to understand. No need to be dependent on just the books and documentation released by the CMS company.

#3 – Best Documentation (Codex) – If you want to learn the coding and development work on WordPress CMS, just go through the official documentation and tutorials published under Codex. Very detailed and helpful.

#4 – Freelancing Platforms – Almost all freelancing platforms such as Freelancer, Evento Studio etc. are having so much work listed under WordPress. You may find projects easily based on WordPress.

#5 – Free and Pro Plugins – You may develop and release a free version of WordPress plugin under WordPress official repository and also release a premium version of the plugin with more features. As WordPress is having so many users, you may start getting customers quickly depending on the type and quality of your free plugin. Fast monetisation by selling premium products.

#6 – Community Support – The kind of help and support you get from WordPress community is just awesome. Just spend some time on forums and experience the help and guidance you get from plugin authors and even normal WordPress users. Just Amazing!

#7 – Adopt Old Code – You may find some plugins or theme which are out dated or depreciated. As WordPress is open source, you may adopt the code (of course by asking the original developer) and fix the issues. You can even monetise that code too.

#8 – WordCamp – Again and amazing place to make new friends. WordPress community meet up is named as WordCamp where you may participate in workshops and attend seminars or just talk. It helps in making new friends and even like minded people with whom you can start something in partnership or discuss about your ideas. It helps in overall development.

#9 – Start a Blog – If there are so many people using WordPress that means so many people must be searching for help related to that. If you know the backend of WordPress, you may blog about it and even monetise the same. Who know, you may create the next WPBeginner (Just kidding Balkhi).

#10 – Promising Future – WordPress is growing with more than 30% year-by-year and I think the saga will continue for the next 4 – 5 years. It is having a good future because of its user friendliness and power of plugins and themes. Developers are the backbone of WordPress success and it will continue the same way. So if you invest few months on learning WordPress development, I can guarantee that those months will be more than worth.

Apart from the above benefits, here are couple of more to make your day more interesting,

#11 – Millions of Dollars – If you know design work or know someone who does, you may invest your time in creating awesome WordPress themes. Many people earned millions of dollars by just developing WordPress Themes. Authors of some famous themes like Avada, Enfold, Thesis are some examples and there are many more like the same.

#12 – Zero Investment – You don’t need to buy anything to start using WordPress. You can scan and learn things on web or by downloading the free copies of themes and plugin. Even premium themes of WordPress are under GPL so you may also read and learn. Install WampServer or other platforms to install and test WordPress on your local machine. No need to pay for the server charges as well while you are learning how to develop for WordPress CMS.

#CodeIsPoetry #LongLiveWordPress

Web Version of Apple iPhone 4 created with CSS3 Only, No Image used

Apple is talking about the retina display and magical experience of iOS products like iPhone and iPad. But the magical experience crafted by Vasiliy Zubach is amazing as he created Apple iPhone 4 display on web by just using CSS3 and HTML code. Believe it or not, the complete display is not having a single image but the screen and the experience is just as smooth as the physical device.


Other Screenshots

Features and options in iPhone 4 CSS3

  • ‘Slide to Unlock’ animation
  • Lock/Unlock sound, On/Off sound
  • iPhone Alert box
  • Change the color of iPhone, its like having different iPhone cover or sleeve. By changing color, you can see how it looks as White iPhone 4
  • iPhone icon animation – just amazing
  • Zoom-in to see the minute details of the icons and as they are made of CSS3, you will see clear icons even on complete zoom

Details related to this project

  • Total number of hours involved in this project – 35 hours
  • Software used – Espresso for HTML and CSS3 and Coda for Scripts
  • Hardware used – Apple MacBook Pro with i7 processor and 8GB RAM
  • Total Visits on the site in just 30 days – 396,517
  • Total Pageviews in 30 days – 555,987

When Pingdom team asked Zuback that how he came up with the idea of making iPhone 4 with CSS3 and HTML code, he said

One day at my current job a coworker showed me some cool icons made entirely in CSS3. If you know anything about CSS, you would have been amazed just as I was, so when I saw that, I just said to myself “I can do that too and I can make it even better!” But I couldn’t just do the same thing, that didn’t make any senses. So I decided to go further. I decided to make a whole iPhone with icons and everything in CSS3.

Zubach, also known as TjRus, is very much involved in development works related to Apple iPad and iPhone. We will look forward to see such an amazing products coming out of his inventory.

15 Wireframing Tools to design iOS, Android and Web Application Mockups

Wireframes are essential component of the design process for any product. If you are working on the designing of a new Android App, first you should think about designing the whole app in wireframe to visualize the application. This will reduce the complexity of the application as well as lower down the chances of last minute changes. Which mean saving in time and total cost of the development.