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First WordPress Workshop held at Webfanzine, Nashik

The meetup group, WordPress Nashik conducted its first Workshop in Nashik at Webfanzine office on Saturday, 31 October 2015. As a part of building a WordPress community in the city and creating single platform to bring WordPress enthusiast and users, the group arranges regular sessions, activities, workshops etc. For the very first workshop, they picked Webfanzine office as venue.

The workshop was a kind of Introduction to WordPress where attendees learned about WordPress installation on their local computer using Wamp, Xamp. Apart from that, they also learnt how to migrate the local WordPress to live server. Webfanzine CEO, Sanjeev Mishra gave a presentation on “Introduction to WordPress” and made people aware about WordPress as well as Plugins and Themes. He also discussed Wamp, Xamp software to run WordPress on local computer. After that, attendees were provided with instructions to install Wamp and WordPress on their computer. Group members as well as Webfanzine team helped attendees in running WordPress on their computers.

Sanjeev Mishra giving presentation on WordPress Basics

Active Group members Harshad Mane (Developer, OTGS), Tejaswini Deshpande (Lead Developer and CTO, Webfanzine Media), Chinmay Dingore (Co-founder, Milesweb), Deepak Kori (Co-founder, Milesweb) and Jai B. (from Unfolded) were also present at the event and helped attendees in learning WordPress.

WordPress Workshop at Nashik
WordPress Workshop at Webfanzine, Nashik

To know more about the event, see the event page here –

The meetup group is considering other activities such as sessions at various colleges in the city as well as advance level workshops at different venues. If you are interested in being a part of this community, you may join the group and help in spreading the awesomeness of WordPress in Nashik.

Trek to Ramshej Fort by WebFanzine Team

Our beautiful country India is blessed with exquisite features girded with mountains, valleys, deserts, rich flora & fauna, ocean & seas and much more. Each state of India has some unique features in itself. Likewise, the Maharashtra state is blessed with the history of lion hearted Warriors like Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Sambhaji Maharaj & many more. During their time, these warriors battled against the enemy and won these forts.

It is a great experience to spend some time with nature by taking valuable time out of our regular routine and visit these historically important forts. These forts have seen one of the greatest and bravest battles of India, so arranging a trek on these forts is an adventure plus enhancement in our knowledge about our great Indian Warriors.

With this very thought our enthusiastic and nature loving WebFanzine Team planned a trek for historically important Ramshej Fort which is standing very proudly in the city of Nashik. The team was working on the launch of project from so long and that’s why the small break was necessary as well. Before starting this trek, we also got the news about Automattic’s Worldwide WP 5K 2015 happening from Oct 26 to Nov 1, as a WordPress fan there could not be a better timing.

Ramshej Fort near Nashik, India
Ramshej Fort near Nashik, India

About Ramshej- This fort lies approx 14kms North-West of Nashik City. The fort is about 3273 ft up from sea level, which is on Nashik- Peth Road, Base Village is Aashevadi. History reads that after death of Shivaji Maharaj, many forts put up strong resistance under the leadership of his son Sambhaji. This tiny fort was no exception.

About Ramshej
About Ramshej Fort (in Marathi language)

Later, Ramshej fort was one of the 17 strongholds which were surrendered to the British in 1818. Also the mythological story says that it got the name Ramshej, which means Lord Ram’s Bedstead, as during his stay in exile Lord Ram has stayed in the caves on this fort.

To take a closer look of the historic fort, WebFanzine team planned a trek on weekend (Saturday: 24th Oct 2015) gathered at 7.00 am on Nimani Circle. Some of us rode on bike and some by car but our destination was one “Ramshej”. After we all gathered, we first went to a shop to have some breakfast. At breakfast each one of us had vadapav and tea. It was Yummy!

WebFanzine Team at breakfast

Finally, after all was set, we moved towards our destination. We were a group of 9 – Sanjeev Mishra, Tejaswini Deshpande, Tanmayee Deshpande, Sagar Katarnaware, Vrushali Gadekar, Ravindra Pawar, Mohan Sonar, Varsha Bagani and myself.

As the distance between city and Ramshej Fort is 14kms approx, we reached in the base village Aashevadi within half and hour. A little village boy welcomed us and showed us the proper parking place for our vehicles. This boy was selling “Pepsi Cola” on his cycle. We somehow controlled our self from eating those that time and decided to eat after we come back to base. We parked our vehicles near the village Library and at the very back of the library there was a route going towards the fort.

Finally we began our trek on Ramshej. It was almost 9:00 AM when we started trekking. We had lots of fun while trekking, clicking photos, chitchatting, watching the beautiful scenery as we were going up and up. We could see beautiful view of lakes, temple, trees and villages around the fort. We captured all beautiful views in our cameras and eyes as we could. There were lots of tamarind trees on the way. Everyone of us was looking at the tamarind bunches and wanted to eat them, so some of us tried some fun tricks by throwing stones, wood sticks. I was lucky, I got one raw tamarind to eat.

WebFanzine Team
Selfie Time for WebFanzine Team at Ramshej

This way we reached the top of the fort in around one and a half hours. Up on the fort there is a temple of Lord Ram. Pujari of this temple provided us with a bucket & suggested us to get fresh washing our legs with cold water stored within a rock structure called “Haud” in Marathi language. All our exhaustion flew off after getting freshened up with this water. Then we entered the temple, Pujari explained us the importance of the temple and the fort.

We could know how great were Lord Ram and how history of our warriors still lie on the walls of these forts.

After saying goodbye to Pujari ji, we headed towards completing our trek on top. We saw, on the top of the fort there were 5 small ponds close to each other and each one of them is of different color indeed. One more pond was a bit away from these 5 ponds and was bigger than the others. All the ponds contained small crabs. From the fort we could see a RADAR on top of a mountain. All the villages and road’s view from top was speechless.

WebFanzine Media Team on the top of Ramshej Fort
WebFanzine Media Team on the top of Ramshej Fort

We clicked lot of snaps there and started trekking down towards the base village. It was around 11:30 AM when we started trekking down. It took only half an hour for us to reach down at the base as the route was now familiar & mother Earth’s gravity was speeding us down and most important, we all were eager to eat those Pepsi Cola which the boy was selling when we entered the village, so we rushed towards base!!Pepsi Cola

We all sat under the shade of library varandah, relaxed and had some water to fresh-n-up. Vrushali and Varsha went and bought some pepsis for us. The moment we took bite of it, we all forgot our age and remembered the days of childhood when pepsi was all what we wanted to eat in summers.

After finishing pepsi party, we turned our vehicles back to the route of Nashik. As Ravi and Tejaswini just had their birthdays few days before this plan, we decided to take party from them. And within few moments, we headed towards Gangapur Road’s famous MisalPav center “Sadhna“. Ordered Misal Pav, papad, jalebi and had awesome treat of Lassi as desert.

At Sadhana Missal
At Sadhana Missal, Nashik

This way we enjoyed an entire day of our weekend. All of us said a-bye to each other and we went home with satisfaction and smiles on our face. Entire trek and the time we spent together was worthwhile for all of us. This trek gave us renewed, refreshed energy & more lively feeling. We together can say, “Friends are the most important part of our life. Treasure the tears, treasure the laughter, but most importantly, treasure the memories”. After all, difficult roads often lead to a beautiful destination.

Launched to Find and Compare WordPress Themes from Multiple Authors

The launch of is just like another feather on the caps of WebFanzine team! It was indeed a moment of great pride and happiness for the team. Our main motto behind this product is to provide the platform for the users where they can compare WordPress Themes from different Authors easily under the single roof. After evaluating and studying various Free and Premium themes that are offered, our team clubbed those themes into different Categories so that the users can easily find the themes they are looking for. We know the efforts that users have to take in order to find the theme that is best suitable for them. But PurposeThemes is the one place where you can get all the themes without much effort and they are just one click away to get all the themes belonging to the particular categories.

Key features of PurposeThemes:

  • Search Themes:

It is the best place to search for the themes. Themes are clubbed together and accordingly placed under different categories. Also from the Search option user can search for free as well as the premium themes.

  • Comparing Themes:

When there are different themes available then it really becomes confusing to select the theme that is best suitable for you. PurposeThemes has provided with the feature of comparison where one can compare 4 themes at the same time and accordingly make the right choice.

  • Free and Premium Themes:

It will consist of Free as well as the Premium Themes. One can make the choice from them.

  • Price Alert:

The User can set an alert for the themes by entering the Target Price. When the price for that particular theme is dropped and reaches the price as set by the user then he will receive alert via email from PurposeThemes.

  • Wishlist for themes:

The user can create his wishlist and all the favourite themes get added under it. He can keep a check and also easily find all the themes at one place. User can also share the wishlist with others.

  • Community:

People can share their thoughts and suggestions easily through the PurposeThemes community. They can put forth their queries and others can easily answer and put forth their suggestions. Thus PurposeThemes allows sharing the ideas with the other people.

  • PT Score:

There is a PT Score that is available for each of themes. This will help the user to compare the themes and to make the better choice for it.

  • Ratings and Reviews:

There can be reviews and ratings that can be given for the particular themes by the user. People can share their own point of views and reviews that others can read and help them to make a good decision.

  • Sharing through Social Media:

Users can share their themes through Social Media (Facebook,Twitter and Google+) and also invite others for the same.

  • Video description:

There is a video description that is provided for most of the themes. This helps the users to understand the particular theme in a better way.

To have the better understanding of the themes that are offered there is a video description that is given for most of the theme. One can refer the theme that they are looking for and go for the video description for the same. This will be indeed very helpful for the developers to reach more and more themes and to have a study on them.

  • Contacting Developers: (Coming Soon)

PurposeThemes allows you to contact the developers of WordPress themes. This feature is expected to release by end of this month.

  • Categories:

There is a category wise distribution of the themes. It becomes easy for the users to make the choice for the theme that they are looking for. One need not search for a particular theme at different places. The user will easily find the themes that he requires under a particular category.

There are more features and themes that are to be added and the team is working on the same. On the future releases you will find more themes and categories that will be added for the same. We will keep you updated on that. This will really ease the task of the users and they will find all the themes and the comparison of the same under a single roof. According to different situations that the user requires there can be the themes that can be added for the same. There are different categories and the themes are distinguished based on these categories. User need not put much effort and invest time in order to search for the particular theme. One will be able to find with these changes and features under a single roof. This will indeed be very helpful for the users to search the themes that they require and they will be easily able to search it.

PurposeThemes Team

The team of WebFanzine really deserves a pat on their back for coming up with such an innovative product which will be indeed very useful for the users when they are searching for the themes. I would really like to Congratulate my team for this Product that will be a game changer in the history of Themes search! This will not only save their time but also help them to keep a track on other themes by comparing them with each other. You can also go through the features by visiting us at .

Job for Copywriters in Nashik

Immediate Requirement for WordPress Blogger and Copywriter at WebFanzine Media, Nashik

We are looking for a capable copywriter or blogger to write on topics related to WordPress and web development.

As you’ll be writing in detail about WordPress, you’ll need a good working knowledge of, rather than just a basic idea of how to use it. The type of content we expect you to cover includes articles on WordPress themes, plugins, strategies, and general tutorials.

For a better idea on what we are looking for, take a look at the content of following sites,

  • WPMU Dev
  • WP Beginner
  • Elegant Themes

In terms of article length there is not set limit, though we generally prefer the work to be at least 500 words or more, as quality is more important to us than quantity.

Because of the somewhat technical nature of the topic, we can only accept applications with relevant samples. Any WordPress samples would be ideal, especially if it’s published on an external website. We will also consider applications with samples on closely related topics, such as Internet marketing, eCommerce, web design, etc.

In order to provide consistently great content, we require applicants who are able to produce creative article ideas around WordPress – this is where a good knowledge of will really come in handy!

To support your application and give us an understanding of your experties, please include 3-4 post ideas, including brief summaries. This will be an important part of the workflow, as the better your proposals, the quicker we can assign work to you.

How To Apply

If you’d like to become part of the team, please submit your application on our Job Portal. Apply Now

WordPress developer job in Nashik

Immediate Opening for WordPress Developer at WebFanzine Media, Nashik

WebFanzine Media Pvt. Ltd. is looking for experienced WordPress developers who are comfortable with plugin and theme development for WordPress. Here are few details related to the opening,

Job Description

As a WordPress developer, you should have a good understanding of WordPress code, architecture, and most importantly – its community & entire ecosystem.

Required Concepts

  • Custom Post Types
  • Custom Taxonomy
  • Custom Fields / Meta Box
  • User Roles & Levels
  • MultiSite
  • Template files & their hierarchy
  • Child Theme
  • Queries & Loops
  • Theme Customizer
  • Actions / Filters / Hooks
  • Shortcode

Required Skills

We are looking for Experienced WordPress Developers to join our team; ability and commitment is more important than current skill set. Candidates with minimum 1 year of WordPress development experience will be considered only.

  • HTML / CSS / jQuery / JavaScript
  • Moderate knowledge of PHP
  • Understanding of Responsive Web Design
  • Should have used at least 20 WordPress plugins and 20 themes
  • Customized ready made theme / plugin
  • Created custom WordPress themes based on PSD designs / plugins to achieve specific project goals

Apply Now